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Shorey Andrews

Shorey is a Toronto-based writer covering a variety of topics in fashion, lifestyle, and music.

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Fallalbumreleases article

10 Fall Album Releases On Our Radar

It's the thrill of the countdown.

Tumblr m05j6qhzlw1r08qs8o1 500 article

The Lost Art of the Mixtape

When I was a teenager the Internet was just becoming a “thing.”

Saves the day 614x307 article

15 Emo Bands That Got You Through High School

From the days when your hair was everywhere, screaming infidelities.

Aaron carter 614x307 article

8 Pop Acts That Made Their Mark on YTV's Hit List

The show gave numerous acts their first big break in Canada.

Bc3 ude6ua article

30 Years Later: A Look Back at Fashion Trends From 'The Breakfast ...

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

Jem2 article

7 Reasons the 'Jem and the Holograms' Movie Has Our Inner Child Excited

Can the movie remake live up to the classic '80s cartoon?

Billboard article

6 Expectations We Have For Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams' Music Video

An all-star ensemble cast is a must-have

Nick and norah s infinite playlist nick and norahs infinite playlist 8059095 1280 720 500x375c article

All the Ways You Know You're a Total Music Obsessive

Your wardrobe is more than 80% band shirts

24669954500 1ef35e1828 o article
Thought Catalog

This Is What I Want My Best Friend To Know Before She Gets Married

When I stand with you on your wedding day my heart will be filled with joy and sheer bliss.

Going through records article

All the Feelings You Go Through While Listening To a New Album

The Repeat Button You Can’t Stop Pushing

Endofsummer article

12 Signs That Summer Is Almost Over

The ice cream stores begin posting their fall hours.

O one direction fans facebook article

9 Things You Should Never Say To a Fangirl

“Harry Styles doesn’t even know you exist”

Repulsion3900x506 500x375c article

If you're worried about what other people think of you, consider this

Paranoia is the worst, but it’s not real

Lillix 608x307 article

10 Canadian Pop Acts You Might Have Forgotten

These bubblegum melodies will forever be a part of our heritage.

Broad article
The Loop

33 Reasons We Are Still Obsessed With 'Broad City'

Before Broad City came along, there had never been two gals quite like this power duo on television